Ano na teh?

Hala wala ba talaga akong blog post for 2016? Namamalik mata lang ba ako? Haha.. Grabe naman. Pasensiya at inamag na naman to. Eto at pinapagpagan ko na. Ang kapal ng alikabok grabe!

Ano na ba ang latest?

Ang latest ay si Duterte. Kapag tinatanong ako lagi kung anong balita, lagi ko sasabihin “Ayun.. Si Duterte.”

Bukod kay Duterte, okay naman po ang buhay-buhay. Happy na, happy pa rin, happy ulit. Stable na ang life. Stable talaga? Parang kulungan lang ng kabayo?

Malaki na ang bossing ko. Magsa-sampung taon na siya sa mga nalalapit na araw. Literal na boss ko na siya minsan. Most of the time siyempre ako pa rin ang boss pero malaking parte na siya ng pagde-desisyon namin sa bahay at sa buhay. Ganun pala talaga ang mga anak natin habang lalong lumalaki. Lalong tumatalino, lalong nakikialam. Pero masasabi ko na napakatalino at talentadon niyang bata. Hindi ko alam saan nanggaling ang talino at talento niya (ehem).

Good news!

Uuwi kami sa Pinas pagkatapos ng lima at kalahating taon! Woooohhhooooo! Sa wakas! Excited na ako makita ang mga pamilya, kamag-anak at kaibigan ko except sa mga magpapakita lang para sumahod. Hahaha..

Paunawa: Hindi po ako milyonaryo. Simple lang po kaming mamamayan. Maliit din po ang palitan ng NZD to PHP. Mahirap po kumita ng pera. Magbanat po kayo ng buto. Thank you po.

Dalawa at kalahating buwan na lang… Hello Pilipins!

Handa na kaming malanghap ang napakadumi mong hangin Metro Manila. Ready na kami makakita ng sangkatutak na mga basura sa mga kalsada, maglakad sa gilid ng kalye katabi ng mga sasakyan dahil bihira ang sidewalk at foothpath at magtatakbo kapag nakakita ng daga at ipis.

Sa kabilang banda, handa na kaming lumangoy sa masarap at katamtamang lamig ng tubig ng beaches, kumain ng napakasasarap at murang pagkain, at mayakap ang lahat ng mga mahal namin sa buhay. The last premise will make all our sacrifices worth it.

Kita-kits! Love you all! =)

Invention Ideas 2

I am eating sliced apple with salt right now and it’s super yummy. The problem that I’ve always had is because I wait for the apples to be nicely ripe (I keep them in the fridge for a week before consumption), the older the apple is, the quicker it goes brown when sliced.

I’ve already studied about different ways to keep apples from turning brown and they are fantastic! The best one is putting the sliced apples on sliced kiwis. So good! White sliced apples all day long.

However, I have this really cool invention idea that I have in my head and I will keep it there for a loooong time as I am sure huge money can be made out of it. I’ll see if my son can do it as a science project or something. Hahaha.. I just need to put this on a blog so I won’t forget about it. Hihi..

Dear National Statistics Office (NSO),

Malabo po yung kopya ninyo sa mga birth certificates namin (at ng iba pang importanteng papeles).

Nung ni-submit po namin ito sa Immigration New Zealand (at iba pang bansa), hindi po nila tinanggap dahil hindi po nila mabasa.

Mangyari po lamang na paki-adjust ang contrast ng scanning ninyo ng mga papeles. Sa ganoong paraan ay mababasa ito ng kahit sino sa buong mundo na papakitaan namin nito.

Maraming salamat po.

How to stop Google from spying on you

In this technological era when there is no shortage of hard disk space and all of your online activity can be recorded, it is a bit tricky how we can protect ourselves from systematic surveillance.

Google is that one big company that we usually trust but I started having doubts about them when I accidentally found this link that records all of my online activity.

I understand the need to store history but in the past this data is just saved on your computer or mobile device. Since synchronizing data from your mobile device to your computer and vice versa became the trend, these companies thought of this as the best excuse to record all of our internet activity.

I’m pretty sure it’s not just Google who does this but it’s a good start.

To remove your online activity from Google, go to the link above. On the top right section, click the three dots for options, click Delete Options –> Advanced –> Select Date –> All Time.

Do this for all sections on the left.

  • Web & App Activity
  • Voice & Audio Activity
  • Location History
  • YouTube Watch History
  • YouTube Search History

Other safety precautions you can do on the web:

  • If you’re using Google Chrome, do not sign in your Google account. This prevents Google from synchronizing your local data to your Google account.
  • Do not save your passwords. Create a safer archive for your passwords like using a notepad. Do not write your passwords exactly as it is. Write clues about it that would make you remember what it is instead.
  • If you have previously saved your passwords while your Google account is logged in and you want to clear it, go to this link to remove them.
  • If you’re used to it, use Incognito or Private browsing as much as you can.
  • When visiting new websites, do not register if you don’t have to. If it’s required, do not provide your full and complete details. Use initials for your name or use a totally different name that you would remember when asked.
  • Always remember that everything you put on the web is being recorded, and will be retained even after “deleting” it. Be careful with what you put on the internet.
  • Google your full name. You’ll be surprised what Google knows about you. If you want to remove data from the websites that show up, go individually to those websites and modify or remove your information. Once you’ve done that, you can go to this link to request Google to update or remove it from their search results.
  • Google your usual username and do the same as above.
  • Google your family members names and other close friends and do the same as above.
  • Google your phone numbers or addresses and see what comes up.
  • If you like Facebook, go to Settings –> Timeline and Tagging –> View As (Public). Now think of your worst enemy. Imagine him or her spying on you. He or she would be able to see everything that appears there. To fix your posts, go back to it one at a time and change each privacy setting. For future posts, make sure to always review the privacy setting. Do not add people who aren’t your real “Friends” even if you know them. Review your friends list regularly and remove people that you don’t want to show your life to. Put them to the Restricted list if you don’t want to offend them by “unfriending” and make sure Restricted won’t see your future posts.

By doing this, we’re not really hating on Google and other websites but we’re keeping ourselves safe from other bad guys as well.

Be safe. Be vigilant.

Invention Ideas

My son and I were discussing about inventions and ideas yesterday. He was so keen in creating something. I showed him video clips about inventions and how they are developed and he was very interested.

Today during a discussion with my colleagues these invention ideas kept storming on my mind so now I have to somehow create a list and research about it next time.

  • Common Cold virus alert system – I just got back to work from being sick because of common cold. I would be very happy if there’s like an alarm clock that would ring when it has detected the presence of a cold virus within it’s perimeter. How cool is that? That way when you know there’s a virus somewhere, you will try your hardest to stay clean, look for it and control it. Bye bye colds!
  • Vacuum spray – You know how someone already invented a liquid spray that blows off the dust from gadgets and computers? What if instead of blowing air out, that spray when pressed would suck all dust in? Just so when you’re cleaning your computer, the dust doesn’t have to go out places but just be contained in a can or something else? I know about hand vacuum cleaners but they’re usually ineffective and needs electricity. I want just like a spray bottle that sucks things really swiftly when the button is pushed.

I’ll get back to this list next time. Need to work.

Jinx Day

This is the first time I will do this.

I will give you a real time update of all the jinx that will happen today.

I just dubbed this day a Jinx day because of everything that has already happened in the last hour.

8:20AM – My son and I tried to order at YQ for his school lunch. It is closed. Figured I’ll just try again later.

9AM – A colleague requested for me to remove the Mother’s day banner and changed it to our winter banner. I did and as I checked a website, it gave me an invalid parent_category_id error on the welcome screen. That is super strange. So I tried all other websites and they worked. I showed my other colleague the error I get and we don’t know where it came from. We refreshed the page. Lo and behold, it worked.

9:30AM – I imported a PP file and it gave me a super weird error multiplying a column by -1. When I showed it to my boss, he confirmed that I selected the right import routine and the file looks okay. When we tried the same thing again, it worked. WOW.

9:40AM – I called YQ to report that I can’t place the order for school lunch. He figured what it was, did something and it now works. I asked if they’ve lost business because of that, he said he’s not sure.

9:45AM – I imported a Plumbers file and it didn’t give me any points to load. Feeling that it was a jinx day, I tried again to see if it will work. It didn’t. I removed the second sheet that contains the summary, it worked. What is going on? Hahaha..

So it’s 9:55AM now and I will continue to document every other jinx that will happen. Watch out for updates.😀