Getting Old

I’m currently on a call right now waiting for my member’s download to finish to see if the issue was already resolved. Before I got to this scene I politely asked the member if he wanted me to stay on the line because his download progress is really very slow. He requested me to stay on the line saying that I was the best agent he was able to get so far and to wait until we have confirmed if the issue is already resolved.

The download took very long, considering that he has a broadband connection, with whatever speed, he doesn’t know. I put him on mute after asking for his permission and the whole time he’s waiting for the download to finish, counting every percentage when it goes up. After twenty minutes of download, we installed the software and confirmed that it was still the same problem. I gave him things he can do as a work around and and thank me very gratefully for staying on the line with him even if the issue was not resolved.

I wonder how it feels when you are already eighty years old. I might really feel very sad whenever I am alone and nobody can help me when I have problems with my computer. I might really be fond of picking the phone up and having somebody on the line help me with the things I need. I might also feel very grateful to anybody who will help me with everything they can do. I might actually be waking up everyday thinking how to live for as long as I can but at the same time expecting that the time might come that my life will soon end.

It really amazes me how time flies by so fast. The next thing you know, you’re already twenty four years old and you still feel that you haven’t accomplished anything yet. How lucky you are when people who loves you dearly pats you at the back and tells you “Hey, this is what you already have done. This is what you’re doing right now and this is what you still can do. You might feel that way to yourself but this is how we see you.”

I am so grateful I am still alive and feel that I can still do a lot of things. I am grateful for my work and thankful that I am able to help people in need, specially the old ones. I would definitely cherish every day of my life and would always strive hard to do and be the best I can be so that when I turn eighty I would never regret the days when I have not been productive.


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3 thoughts on “Getting Old”

  1. my papa in law is turning 87 years old this year. yung yumao kong mama in law was 85 when she died last year. naiyak ako nung sinabi nung papa in law ko na bakit daw sya iniwan nung wife nya e nagpramis daw silang dalawa na until 100 years old e magkasama sila. ngayon daw ayaw naman nyang magisa na tumanda ng ganon, hayysss

    at least both of them, gracefully ang kanilang pagtanda. ngayon i enjoy the time with the kids kasi ang bilis din nilang lumaki e

    1. Nakakalungkot nga rin talaga kapag tumanda ng mag-isa na lang kapag nauna yung asawa. Pero at least humaba pa ang buhay ng papa in law mo. Natutuwa ako sa mga ganyang couples na tumatanda magkasama.

      Uu Ate Kengkay at kapag mabilis silang lumaki ibigsabihin tumatanda na rin tayo. Hahaha..

  2. Dahil dyan, I award you the “pinakamagaling na customer care agent in the whole wide world universe.”

    At si Alex ang trophy mo!

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