This is the first and most important value that any person at our field of work should learn and practice. Without it, you wouldn’t last long and would eventually shift to another career. Any work actually requires it but in giving customer service you should have LOTS and LOTS of it.

I wonder when and how I learned to be patient. When I was in grade school I used to work out on school projects on my own with diligence and patience but I get too worked up with my sibblings. I didn’t have patience doing house chores but I am very patient when I’m at school or participating in a curricular activity.

As I grow old I realize that’s when I started to grow more patience within me. Most specially when I started this job. Lack of patience won’t get you anywhere. Because of my patience, added to high skill, I was able to get this far and I’m continuously learning. This isn’t the best job in the world but I’m starting to love it because it is where I learn, practice, and master this very special virtue every day.


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