Old Rose

These were the roses given that night to Ice, one of my classmates, for their monthsary.Last Friday, I met up with some of my college classmates to celebrate Dante’s return, our blockmate who went to New Zealand to work abroad. I decided I would bring Alex with me since my classmates haven’t seen my baby yet. We arrived at 6 in the evening at Glorietta just in time to eat dinner and meet them.

The night was really fun. My classmates were very thrilled to see my boss. Surprisingly my two guy classmates, Dante and Ronx, were the ones who were so keen and excited to hold and take care of Alex. We talked about every topic we can think of, ate everything that sounds tasty from Chef D’Angelo’s menu and went home very late because my other two classmates came late due to heavy traffic.

It might have been the very cold temperature and mist that night that caused it because in the morning, Alex’s temperature started to rise a little bit. We started at 37.3 Celcius only and I thought he was going to be okay. Good thing drinking medicine is very easy for Alex to do. He likes to take orange-flavored Dolan (Ibuprofen) which is his accustomed med for fever.

During the day he showed symptoms of weakness. He had a hard time getting up to “wee wee” on his own so I let him wear diapers the entire day. Gladly, he ate a little bit but wanted “de de” so much so I let him. I also let him watch as much “CARS” (Pixar) as he wanted. I remember so much when I was still a child and my mother’s taking care of me when I get sick, she would give everything I wanted to have or eat. Hahaha.. I bet your mothers did the same way to you and so did I.

In the evening his temperature started to rise but it peaked at around ten in the evening. I woke up to check his temperature again, finding that it was the highest I got so far, 39.6. He started to sweat so much I had to change his clothes. When I went back to bed with him, I started to smell a very strong aroma of old rose beside our bed. I hurriedly got up and started to check where it’s coming from. I am the type of person who has a high sense of smell and can identify almost everything through it so i thought I can’t go wrong.

I started to imagine the things around the bed and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing related to plants or flowers most specially roses that I would bring upstairs. The last rose I received was during Mother’s Day which I remember so much I already threw away after a week it was given just because I don’t like its smell whenever its not dried up yet.

I also remembered some old horror stories that if you smell flowers it’s somehow related to death or a dead relative being near. I thought to myself, if it was my late Lolo who’s with us, I prayed that he would watch over Alex. I started to think how desolate I would be in case I lose him and then I would say to myself “Erase, erase, erase” whenever such negative thoughts get to me.

It might have been the simplest prayer I uttered that night. “Heavenly Father, please help Alex survive this illness so we can attend church tomorrow.”

At six thirty in the morning his temperature was only at 36.3. When he woke up he started to smile, laugh and play again with Mommy as usual on the bed.  We indeed attended church and had a great time. I continued to monitor his temperature and so far he’s been really well. This proof doesn’t lie.

He likes WA-PI-PI (Jollibee) a lot


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38 thoughts on “Old Rose”

    1. Uu nga po eh. Baka binantayan syang mabuti ng lolo ko kaya siya gumaling. Naku super ready to fight talaga sya pagtapos nyang gumaling! Eto nga’t naka-costume pa ng magkahalong flash at spiderman ngayon. Hahaha..

  1. awwwwwww… your boss is soooo adorable.

    it’s good to know that he’s okay now. 🙂

    ako din gusto ko sya ma-meet. hihi. 😉

    1. Ay sige sis. Meet tayo minsan kapag super free tayong dalawa. Hahaha.. Tapos sama ko si bossing para meron akong alalay, I mean, meron syang alalay. T__T

    1. Eh di ba nag-organize ka na nga ng EB for this Friday? Nyahhaha.. Tingnan ko talaga kung makasama ako pero di pa sureness.

      Kaka-miss talaga ang mga babies natin kapag malayo sila. Naku hindi ko talaga kinakaya.

  2. hehe sama na lang kayo dalawa kung may time kayo sa EB sa12 para mas masaya hehe..

    ang hirap po talaga..lalo na kahit makulit sila,sila pa rin ang nakakapag pangiti satin ..

    1. Tama ka jan. Wala ng ibang nilalang sa mundo ang kumukumpleto sa ating everyday life kundi ang ating mga babies.

      Try ko po talaga. Di ko pa sure sched eh. Inform kita kung punta kami.

    1. Tama ka po jan. Ako yun nung bata eh! Hahaha.. Ayaw na ayaw ko ng gamot dati kasi napapangitan ako sa lasa at feeling ko psychological lang sya at hindi effective. Haha..

  3. good thing wala ng sakit si alex! i am also praying that to every member of the family. i thought if i will be given power, i would not wish to have superstrength of flying ability. i would rather have destruction (huwat) or healing ability. either of the two extremes! hehe.

    flowers, roses. hm, i even smell candles at home!

    1. Oh my. Candles! Kakataas na siguro ng balahibo yun noh? Hahahaha..

      Aba, maganda yan ah. Destruction ability or healing ability. Syala! Para kang namili kung power ba ni Naruto o Sakura yung gusto mo. Haha..

      Mabuti nga po at okay na sya. Syempre pati mga friends and families ko ay kabado dahil ang daming usong sakit ngayon.

  4. i don’t know about smelling flowers, but i remember the morning after my father was buried, we woke up to the smell of burning candles in the house, although there were no lighted candles around. we took it as a sign that he wanted us to know he was there and to feel his presence.

    you’re a great mom. keep up the good work. alex is really fortunate to have you as his mother.

  5. haha.. ang kyut ni chikiting alex sa pictures

    nakakatuwa naman ang nag-aalalaga kay chikiting alex.. napaka maalalahanin na natural sa isang nanay na katulad mo 😉

  6. Hi Hon….

    just wanted to drop a few lines to say hi.. i did promise you that i’d post something here for you…


    1. Ay totoo yan sis. Hahaha.. Wapipi na nga lagi ang banggit nitong anak ko. Kahit saang mamahaling kainan mo dalhin di sya mage-enjoy. Sa wapipi lang! Hihi.. ^_^

      Sana nga si lolo yun. Kung ibang mumu katakot. Hahhaha..

  7. Hello Milay… May bago ka palang post… I wonder bakit hindi ko ito nakita sa google reader…

    Anyway, cute naman ng bossing mo… Good to know he is well and kicking na…

    By the way, thank you for supporting Nooks and Crannies for the year that passed. In return, I have something for you. You might want to check this out.

    1. Uu nga po. Buti at maayos na sya. Hindi na bumalik yung lagnat nya after that time.

      Aba, may pa-contest ka po pala. Napakarami ko ng contest na napalagpas dahil sa ka-busy-han pero pipilitin ko po talaga isingit sa sched ko itong blogging at sumali jan sa contest nyo. Salamat din po sa laging pagbisita rito. ^^

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