Overcoming Gall Stones

Grapefruit and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Grapefruit and Olive Oil

August 2, 2009, Sunday night, when my side started to hurt a bit everytime I dance. My sister and I were trying to get some dance steps then from a music video then and I realized I can’t stretch my tummy anymore but I can still move my other body parts freely.

Next day when I woke up, some part of my tummy right under my right rib cage, started to hurt so painfully I couldn’t get up anymore. I was nearly crying trying to get help from my brother to pull me up.

The first thing that came to my mind is to consult my bestfriend Daisy, who has just recovered from appendicitis. She texted me her symptoms in the past but still strongly advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

There’s really no problem with me going to the doctor except that we really don’t have enough cash then to pay for consultation and laboratory in case I go directly to the doctor. That was the day I was supposed to claim my last pay check from my previous employer and I had a lot of things to do. Secondly, I will have examinations the day after and I thought missing it would cause so much hassle. Had I still been employed, I would have myself checked as soon as I felt the pain because our health card covered everything. Unfortunately, I got sick after my resignation so I have to cover all my expenses alone.

After a couple of minutes of being in pain, I realized that it subsided a bit after which still managed to take a bath and prepare to go out. I was so decided to get my check because I know I would need it in case I would need an operation.

Good thing I did. I used my money to be able to get back online and researched everything about my sickness. I know that self-diagnosis and self-medication is always not recommended. I think the same. Please don’t do as I did. I’m just so happy it worked for me.

According to my research I confirmed that I wasn’t suffering from appendicitis but gall stones. It was the pain coming from the upper right quadrant of my stomach right under the rib cage. Here are the symptoms taken from Medicinenet:

  • It is a constant pain, it does not come and go, though it may vary in intensity while it is present.
  • It lasts for 15 minutes to 4-5 hours. If the pain lasts more than 4-5 hours, it means that a complication – usually cholecystitis– has developed.
  • The pain usually is severe, but movement does not make the pain worse. In fact, patients experiencing biliary colic often walk about or writhe (twist the body in different positions) in bed trying to find a comfortable position.
  • Biliary colic often is accompanied by nausea.
  • Most commonly, biliary colic is felt in the middle of the upper abdomen just below the sternum.
  • The second most common location for pain is the right upper abdomen just below the margin of the ribs.
  • Occasionally, the pain also may be felt in the back at the lower tip of the scapulaon the right side.
  • On rare occasions, the pain may be felt beneath the sternum and be mistaken forangina or a heart attack.
  • An episode of biliary colic subsides gradually once the gallstone shifts within the duct so that it is no longer obstructing.
What are the risks?
  • Gender. Gallstones form more commonly in women than men.
  • Age. Gallstone prevalence increases with age.
  • Obesity. Obese individuals are more likely to form gallstones than thin individuals.
  • Pregnancy. Women who have beenpregnant are more likely to form gallstones than women who have not been pregnant. Pregnancy increases the risk for cholesterol gallstones because during pregnancy, bile contains more cholesterol, and the gallbladder does not contract normally.
  • Birth control pills and hormone therapy The increased levels of hormones caused by either treatment mimics pregnancy.
  • Rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss by whatever means, very low calorie dietsor obesity surgery, causes cholesterol gallstones in up to 50% of individuals. Many of the gallstones will disappear after the weight is lost, but many do not. Moreover, until they are gone, they may cause problems.
  • Crohn’s disease. Individuals with Crohn’s disease of the terminal ileum are more likely to develop gallstones. Gallstones form because patients with Crohn’s disease lack enough bile acids to solubilize the cholesterol in bile. Normally, bile acids that enter the small intestine from the liver and gallbladder are absorbed back into the body in the terminal ileum and are secreted again by the liver into bile. In other words, the bile acids recycle. In Crohn’s disease, the terminal ileum is diseased. Bile acids are not absorbed normally, the body becomes depleted of bile acids, and less bile acids are secreted in bile. There are not enough bile acids to keep cholesterol dissolved in bile, and gallstones form.
  • Increased blood triglycerides. Gallstones occur more frequently in individuals with elevated blood triglyceride levels.

How to cure gall stones?

The standard treatment for gallstones is through Cholecystectomy (surgical removal of the gall bladder).

So what happened to me?

Going back to my story, since I was so afraid of any type of operation (which by the way happened to my bossing’s father for the same illness) I decided I would try the gallbladder flush that I read from this article. After all, I realized, olive oil and grapefruit wouldn’t kill me anyway.

The following procedure is based on: Natural Liver Therapy by Christopher Hobbs, L. Ac., Botanica Press, Capitola, CA (1993).

  1. Eat only whle foods (un-refined foods) without fat for a whole day.
  2. About an hour before bedtime (on an empty stomach), drink ¼-cup of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil mixed with ¼-cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Repeat this process every 15 minutes until a total of 1 cup each of olive oil and lemon juice is finished. An alternative to this procedure is to replace lemon juice with freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice. ½ cup of grapefruit juice can be used each time. A total of 1½ to 2 cups of grapefruit juice is required. It works well and tastes better than lemon juice.
  3. Go to bed immediately and lie on your right side.
  4. The next morning take 1 litre (approximately 4 cups) of warm distilled or filtered water containing two level teaspoons of un-iodized sea salt. Alternatively the addition of juice from half a lemon may be used in place of the sea salt.
  5. Eat only softly cooked vegetables and broth the second day. The gallstones should come out some time during the second day.

The stones that come out are usually dark green or black in colour. They may also be brown, off-white, green, or rarely, red in colour. Stones crushed by Gold Coin Grass (GCG) may come out in any shape including flat pieces or sand.

To be honest with you, I didn’t count how many stones got out of me the next day. I can just tell you that I voweled five times the next day and I could still feel the olive oil whenever I washed! Wahahaha.. The only proof got was a brownish, odorless, crushed-stone-like mark on my underwear. Hahaha.. I actually thought it was poop but that never happened to me eversince I became toilet trained. Hihihi..

The next best thing that happened was I didn’t feel that severe pain anymore! Woohhhooo! It’s already been three weeks since I flushed and I am continuously monitoring my self-diagnosed illness up to now. This week I’m planning to do another flush and then have myself checked as soon as I get my Makati resident Yellow Card which I renewed. Also, I have been constantly eating lots of apples as advised by research, everytime I have the chance to go to a grocery.

Lesson learned?

I realized that health is the most important factor in life that we can nourish and control but sickness is not controllable. It attacks every person at your most unexpected timing, even those who don’t smoke, don’t drink or don’t do drugs, like me! I can feel that this is God’s way of warning me to be more responsible in taking care of my health as well as my family’s.

I thought for a second that I was actually dying. LOL. I wouldn’t want to leave my bossing too early. I have lots to share with him in life. I couldn’t give up just yet, I thought. And if I want to live longer I know that I have to be more conscious about every aspect of my life, may it be health, family, education, spirituality or sociality (Nux! Kailangan talaga di mawawala eh noh? Haha..)


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49 thoughts on “Overcoming Gall Stones”

  1. hulaan ko: ang nippraktis nyo ng sister mo ay steps ng “Nobody” wahahaha! 😆

    pacheck up ka na ha? para sure na gumaling ka. 🙂

    pero epektib nga din yang ginawa mo, kase ginawa din yan dati ng boss ko. 🙂

      1. nasaktuhan na nagbblog hop ako (na bihira ko na magawa dahil sa hectic na skeydule) at bagong post ang entry mo. hehe.

        kala ko naman Nobody, e pano kahit san ako magpunta yan tinutugtog at sinasayaw.

  2. Milay, good to know okay ka na and it indeed seems like hindi na kailangan ng operation… Mahal kasi yun… 🙂

    Have read about this gallbladder flush before from an alternative medicine book and evidences showed na its effective…

    Those who participated in the research had their check-up after the THIRD flush… Hindi ko sina-suggest na ganun din gawin mo, kung pwede namang after the second… 🙂 Fyi lang yun… hehehe…

    Alam mo kasi frustration ko ang medicine, kaya mahilig din ako sa self-diagnosis… A few months ago, napansin ko na when I nod my head forward, I have this tingling sensation in my thighs, back and even hands… Dahil sa research, napag-alaman ko na my condition perfectly fitted that of L’Hermitte’s Sign… Sign daw yun ng either multiple sclerosis in the spinal cord o di kay injury sa spinal cord.

    At dahil data oriented ako, I listed down what changes I have observed in my self, in my ways, etc… Napag-alaman ko na isang nabago na nasabay almost sa L’Hermitte’s Sign ko is yung pagbabago ko ng unan. Mataas kasi ang bago kung biling unan noon…

    Ang sunod kong ginawa, nag-experiment… For a week, hindi ako gumamit ng unan. The tingling sensation reduced significantly when the week was about to end. And then to confirm, ginamit ko uli ang unan. After two days, lumakas uli ang tingling sensation…

    Self-medication na ako… Hindi ako gumamit ng unan pag natutulog for a month! Nawala siya after a month din… At ni-reduce ko yung taas ng unan ko, sobrang baba na ngayon. Kung nakatagilid ako magdamag, nagkakastiff neck ako… Pero okay na rin… Ilang buwan na rin yun… Okay na ako simula noon… 🙂

    Haba ng comment… parang post na rin… hehehe…

    1. Wow ang galing naman nung ginawa mo Mark!

      Yehey! Mabuhay ang self-medication! Wahahhaa.. Joke lang po.

      Eh kasi nakakatuwa naman ang internet di ba? Sa sobrang daming information na matatagpuan dito alam mo na kaagad. Papa-check na lang to confirm. Ahihihi.. Naku baka may umaway sa akin dito. ^_^

      Ang galing naman ng experiment mo Mark. Buti at nag-work sa iyo. Ako nga rin buti gumana. Sobrang saya talaga.

      Pero pareho tayo in one thing. Frustration ko rin ang medisina. I love everything about it. Kung may chance lang talaga… Hihi..

    2. hindi rin ako gumagamit ng unan dahil not because of the tingling sensations pero dahil sa uncomfortable ako. madalas sumakit kasi yung batok at shoulder ko pag may unan ako. symptoms pa rin kaya yun ng nabanggit mong illness? *sensya na di ko mabanggit. hihihi 😛 *

      1. Hello Enjoy… Ang L’Hermitte’s Sign ay hindi illness per se… Sign lang siya na may nangyayari sa spinal cord mo, and based sa aking research, mahirap daw i-diagnose ang specific cause…

        Ang sa yo naman, hindi L’Hermitte’s yun, kasi wala namang masakit sa L’Hermitte’s. Purely tingling sensation lang na nakakagulat, nakaka-annoy hehehe…

        Baka masyado ring mataas ang unan mo at kung matulog ka ay fixed ka lang most of the time sa isang position…

        Natatawa ako, kasi baka may mapadaang doctor dito, mapagsabihan tayo… 🙂

        1. @CW: ay hindi ba sakit yun? sori 😀 anyway at least hindi kunektado dun yung nararamdaman ko. hindi ako mataas mag-unan pero dun ako sa fixed position, i’m used to sleeping on my side 🙂

          oo nga noh, para tuloy itong naging naging Rx forum. 😀

          @emily: kamusta ka na? ok na bang pakiramdam mo? buddypoke sana kita kaya lang nagloloko na naman FB sa. bagal mag-load 😦

        2. @CW: ay hindi ba sakit yun? sori 😀 anyway at least hindi kunektado dun yung nararamdaman ko. hindi ako mataas mag-unan pero dun ako sa fixed position, i’m used to sleeping on my side 🙂

          oo nga noh, para tuloy itong naging naging Rx forum. 😀

          @emily: kamusta ka na? ok na bang pakiramdam mo? buddypoke sana kita kaya lang nagloloko na naman FB sa. bagal mag-load. ingat ka lagi 😦

      2. Talaga? Ako hindi ako masyado komportable pag walang unan pero ayaw ko rin ng sobrang mataas. Kaso nung nagkaron na ako ng Acid Reflux eh no choice ako. Kailangan ko masanay sa mataas na paghiga.

  3. nice to know that you are doing fine now! alive and kicking ka na! self medication is okay so long na hindi degenerative disease yan at hindi rin malala! awts! may kwenta ba yung sinabi ko? hehe.

    kahit ako rin naman ay nag se self medicate! pareho kami ni kuya Crooks (Coolwater!). Pero kapag di na kaya ng powers ko, ay nakow, doctor here i come.

    ewan ko ba sa akin. pag di malala yung sakit ko nagpapacheck up ako para maka absent lang.

    pero pag di ko kaya yung sakit, ay scared ako pumunta sa doctor. baka pagpunta ko don, ER na kaagad at anesthesia na kaagad sa spine! awts!

    1. Hahaha.. Tama ka jan. Minsan nakakatakot magpa-hospital kaagad dahil baka buksan kagad katawan mo. Haha..

      Ako rin nung working kahit anong sakit pa-check kagad. Swerte dahil sa benefits at makaka-absent pa.

  4. Here are my top tips for getting rid of the smaller gall stones-

    Eat a diet consisting of 75% raw foods. Include in the diet applesauce, eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese. Fish, fresh apples, and beets.

    Drink plenty of water to cleanse the system, + (pure apple juice, as much as possible for 5 days). You can add Pear juice occasionally, Beet juice also cleanses the Liver.

    Avoid sugar and products containing sugar. Avoid all animal fat and meat, fried foods, spicy foods, margarine, soft drinks, commercial oils, coffee, chocolate and refined carbohydrates.

    The traditional way of getting rid of Gallstones is to take 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil with the juice of a Lemon before bed and upon awakening. This is often enough to pass the stone in the stools. You can often use Grapefruit Juice instead.

  5. well, well, well, ano nga bang masasabi ko, galing mo talaga, biruin mo yun, nalaman mo’t gumaling ka sa galbladder ng hindi nagpapa-check, buti nalang my internet, malaki talaga ang nai22long ng internet noh, hay naku supermom, ingatan mo sarili mo, pra maingatan mo din si bossing, di ba? pero thanks god magaling kana, sana di kana magkaroon ng kahit ano pa mang sakit, ingatz ka palagi, pati si bossing ingatan mo din,, god bless,,
    musta na nga pala si bossing, papisil naman ng konti sa pinge, hehehhe

    1. Maraming salamat po Jay. Salamat sa masipag mong pagbisita rito. Hehe.. Bait mo talaga huh? Hehe..

      Uu naman. Iingatan ko po si baby at ang aking sarili. ^_^ Salamat po ulit Jay!

  6. thank you for the very informative post hot momma.

    wait, have you already consulted the doctor? not feeling any pain does not necessarily mean that you’re completely cured. pacheck up ka na rin para sigurado.

    concern lang po. :p

    1. Haha.. That’s what I’ve been planning to do. Kaso toxic talaga sched ko ngayon. Di ko na masingit sa sched. After siguro ng September. Hahaha..

      Salamat naman sa concern FD. ^_^

  7. mas mabuti pa rin na magpatingin ka sis. mahilig din akong mag-research sa net and i’ve nothing against self-medication. pero kung mauulit ulit yan, punta ka na sa doctor ha. better safe than sorry 🙂

  8. Uy sis congrats at nailabas mo sya agad! Pero pag nafeel mo ulet ang pain, magpacheck-up ka na agad. Naalala ko tuloy yung tatay ko early this year nung naopera sya diba??

    God bless you sis!

  9. Musta?

    Just recently, nasa Manila rin ang mother ko at gallstones din ang verdict ng doctor sa pagsakit ng tummy niya. We have also read about that natural remedy although hindi naman niya nasubukan.

    Pagaling ka at magpatingin. Mabuti na ang sigurado.

    Ingat, Kapatid!

  10. sis, I think ur okay now with that sickness coz I tried that therapy also. only, eating 5pcs apple everyday n 6 days nd wd that olive oil and simpsonsalt..and till then Ive never felt d pain anymore.

    ur right we should be health consious.

      1. Hi Emilayskie,

        Just want to ask, saan ka nakabili ng Gold Coin Grass here in the Philippines. I am searching for that in the drugstore but wala ako makita. I have 2cm. gallstone kasi. Hope you can help me.

  11. Hi Emilayskie,

    Just want to ask, saan ka nakabili ng Gold Coin Grass here in the Philippines. I am searching for that in the drugstore but wala ako makita. I have 2cm. gallstone kasi. Hope you can help me.

    1. Hi Chris! Sa totoo lang hindi ako nakapag-hanap ng Gold Coin Grass sa Pinas dahil mabilisan ako noon. Pero kung may time ka magpunta sa mga China town, tanong mo kung saan makakahanap ng Jin Qian Cao (Gold Coin Grass, Herba Lysimachiae, 金钱草) pakita mo pati chinese characters para maintindihan nila yung hinahanap mo. Palagay ko kasi iba yung term na ginagamit natin sa Pinas kaya mahirap hanapin.

      1. Thanks Emilayskie. Try ko hanapin yung using yung ibang term sa Chinese herbal stores. Btw, naubos or nawala ba lahat ng gallstones mo that time using GCG when you check it with ultrasound?

        1. Hi Chris. If you would read my entry carefully, I went directly to the flush without using Gold Coin Grass. I skipped that step dahil wala akong nakitang GCG. I didn’t do any ultrasound nor consult with any doctor.

    1. Hi Jay-R Errea. Natawa naman ako sa comment mo. Haha.. Actually hindi ko pa nakumusta yung gall bladder ko mukhang okay naman siya. Buhay pa naman ako. Hehe.. I didn’t feel the same pain anymore since I last did this. At dahil naging effective ito sa akin, nakasanayan ko na ring gamitin yung olive oil when cooking spaghetti pasta. Hahaha..

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