Dannevirke, New Zealand

Dannevirke (Daniverk) is the major town of the administrative district of Tararua, New Zealand. I have been settling here for five weeks now and I believe this is the best time to describe what I have observed about this town so far so in the future I would have a comparison of my own ideas.

The Town

The town is comprised of different shops, fastfoods and restaurants but there is just one major grocery store which is New World and one somewhat like a department store which is The Warehouse. There is a popular store for vegetables and fruits which is called Shires and one Chinese fastfood famous for fish and chips. I have not been to every store in town yet and that will be my next quest as soon as I start to learn to drive.


There is no heavy traffic here in Dannevirke simply because there are too few people and too many roads. Parking is always easy because there are plenty of spaces all over the town. Drivers are generally disciplined and are abiding by their road code. Their road signs are excellent. You can be assured that taxes are going to the right places somehow.


New Zealand has four seasons. It’s wintertime now but here in Dannevirke we don’t have snow. We have frostings once in a while. We had hale once so far but no snow. They say that snow happens very rarely but more commonly on mountain ranges.


Weather here in Dannevirke is so unpredictable sometimes. Last week we had super strong winds that I reckon would blow our roof if I would bring our very old house here from Manila. For the record, our car door was smashed when I opened it against the very strong wind. It didn’t get broken or anything like that but it was scary alright. Sometimes I just don’t want to go outside thinking that I might literally get blown away. I admire their builders for making very strong houses and structures that doesn’t get blown by their strong winds. In the Philippines, we would already have cancelled the classes because of danger of flying roofs or broken down trees and billboards.

Sometimes we have sunshine, most of the time we don’t so we always listen to forecasts for the great sunny days when we can schedule our big laundry loads. However, even if you think your laundry would get dried because of the sun, think again. Because it’s winter the sun’s heat isn’t strong enough to fight against the cold and clothes hanging would just get dried because of winds or in the end you would decide to just bring it inside the house to get the fireplace’s heat.


New Zealanders are called Kiwi. Original Kiwis are either Maori (their country’s native people) or Pakeha (European origin). People are generally friendly. They like to talk about how their day was even if they don’t know each other and have just met at the grocery counter. They like to talk about the weather or how their famous rugby team has just lost a game. They don’t hesitate to give a smile to a stranger. However, since Dannevirke is relatively a small town everyone almost knows everyone. If friends bump into each other at a grocery hallway they couldn’t stop talking about each others lives until they have discovered and talked about their other close friends’ darkest secrets and they would still not consider it gossipping. They claim that they are just concerned about other people’s lives and that they would want to help them (by talking about them when they are not there).


New Zealand food for me is average. They like fish and chips, chicken, pasta, and all other food that you’ll find at a fastfood. Chinese fastfoods are the only places you’ll find where they are selling, we Filipinos are calling it, “real” food which consists of rice and viands. Maybe it is just us but their usual food here before I started cooking were sausage rolls, mixed veggies, minced beef on roll ups, baked chicken, and the hardest to cook so far is macaroni and cheese. I heard that at some houses they cook lasagna and other pasta but other than that almost everything here are instant food and almost all the advertisements on the television would always promote “easy cooking.” Examples are plastic bags where you put a whole chicken inside with some potatoes and bake on an oven and it’s ready. Other ones are instant rice or pasta meals that are on sachets that you just have to put on a microwave and eat.


They say “see yah” instead of “goodbye” when people are leaving. They only say goodbyes when hanging the phone up. They blow their horns and give a hand sign when they see a familiar person along the road or driving at the opposite side. Almost everyone either plays, likes, or talks about rugby.

They like to visit each others’ houses and talk about their personal lives. Children likes to sleep over at their friends’ houses. When we have more children than usual, we have to adjust the division of food, cookies, ice cream, and other treats for the children because you would want to treat them all the same.

Language and Vocabulary

Everyone that I have met so far speaks English only. I have met some Maori people but haven’t heard them talk to each other using Maori or maybe just because they don’t.

They say “I reckon” instead of “I think.” They call french fries “chips” and minced beef just “minced.” They say “sweet as” instead of “no problem” or “it’s okay.” They say “mean as” whenever they are amazed by something or they think something is so good. They always use “nice and ” something whenever they describe something. Examples are nice and warm, nice and cold, nice and friendly, nice and cute, etc. You can use “nice and” just add any other adjective and you would already sound like a Kiwi.

When they need a person to agree on something they say “eh?” which is pronounced “ei.” Cool eh? Cold eh? Warm eh? Good eh? Use any kind of adjective and add an “eh” and you would sound a local. And when they agree they say “yi yi” instead of “yes.” Sometimes you are agreeing so strongly you can keep repeating it over and over “yi yi yi” pause “yi yi yi” and the other person would still not laugh about it.


Their accent is very close to Australian accent except that they claim that they don’t whine that much. They speak on low tones, generally, but sometimes children or teens who don’t speak clearly sounds like mumbling. A is ai, E is ei, I is aai, O is aw, and U is yow. Whenever we’re doing the children’s homework on spelling I would have a hard time identifying if he said A or E or I because they all sound similar and they would say they don’t. Bear is pronounced almost the same with beer, beah. Double is pronounced dobuw and trouble trobuw. Beautiful is beautifuw and playful playfuw. They say ivryone, ivrybody, inything.


Their most popular sports is rugby. You can never go wrong by talking about rugby. They encourage students to play all types of sports. Others play soccer, netball, cricket, basketball, swimming, etc.


I’ve heard that they don’t have land snakes in New Zealand. Amazing eh? They have a lot of cows and sheep, even more than the country’s total population. They also have a lot of ducks, chickens, deers, pigeons, birds, etc. They like to preserve their wildlife and their habitat. There are lots of parks where you can feed a lot of these animals freely.

These are just some of the things I can remember. In the future I’ll be writing more on specific and very interesting topics about this place and their country. I am enjoying our stay here so far and hopeful that I would be able to bring my own family here in the future for a visit.


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31 thoughts on “Dannevirke, New Zealand”

    1. Quite close. We are approximately three hours and 20 minutes away from Mt. Ruapehu which was Mt. Doom on the LOTR film and over 6 hours to reach the Waikato area which was the Hobbit’s dwelling place called Shire. Hopefully one day we can go there..

  1. aba, parang nabisita ko na rin ang iyong baryo! parang tunog european language yang pangalan ng town ninyo ah. kapag nag aral ka dyan mag drive, am sure mabilis lang esp since may rules sila to follow, unlike sa pinas. it looks like you are enjoying yourself! am sure dyan din kapag invited ka sa isang party, dapat you have to bring some small gifts as thank you dun sa nag imbita sa yo.

    masasanay ka din ng walang real food — pero make sure to buy a rice cooker and a sack of rice kasi you would really miss kanin, hehe!

    1. Meron nga po silang rice cooker Mommy Kengks pero never nila ginamit. Nung dumating ako rito tsaka lang nabahiran at nagamit. Hahaha..

      Opo. Kukuha na po ako ng exam for learner’s license next week. Sana makapasa. Mag-start na ako mag-aral mag-drive at makakalibot na rin ako. Uu nga po nasasanay na rin ako kahit papaano. Ang ganda nga po ng road code nila. Disiplinado ang mga drivers except yung mga drunk drivers. Hehe..

      Thanks sa pagbisita ulit dito Mommy Kengks! Miss you!

  2. Ang Sowsyal mo naman, ang layo na ng narating mo… Dati ka pala nag work sa Contact Center, yun din work ko ngayon, kaya lang sukang suka na ako, almost 6 years na rin akong alipin, hehehe! =)

    1. Hay naku sinabi mo pa. Nakakasuka ang work na paulit ulit mo na lang ginagawa kaya kailangan marami kang variations na alam gawin para there’s something new that you can look forward to.

      Hindi malayo ang narating ko. Malapit lang kami sa Pinas hehe.. 9 hour flight lang from Brunei.

    1. You mean sponsor? Sureness! Kaso hindi pa ako citizen kaya malamang matatagalan pa yun sis. Hahaha.. Pero pwede ka mag-apply ng visitor visa kahit walang sponsor. Kailangan lang ma-meet yung sandamukal pa nilang requirements.

      1. HAHAHHAA. Loko lang. Eto naman.. hehee. HOST, I meant tour guide.. ganon. Hehe. Pero I heard from friends here na it’s easier to be granted tourist visa to NZ since I am holding EP here in SG. Ayun e base sa kanilang experience. Unlike when you’re in PH na mabusisi sa visa applications. 🙂

        1. Sure! Mapa-host o tour guide walang problema! Hehe..

          Uu nga. Malamang madali lang from SG. Try mo dali tapos bisitahin mo ko rito. Yipeeeeeeeee! O di ba ang first formal meeting natin ay sa NZ pa? Sosyal! Haha..

  3. And so I heard rugby is so popular in NZ. there’s a calendar on my desk with photos of every country’s most popular sport (of course, there is no denying, Philippines = basketball), NZ’s sport is rugby.

    So how do you call the people of NZ? New Zealander? I have encountered a lot of them here in SG, as well as Australians kase malapit lang here.. so probably in the near future I’ll visit you there. AHAHAHA. 😀

    1. Yeah. New Zealander pero mas gusto nilang tawagin silang Kiwi. Parang equivalent ng “Pinoy” sa atin. Rugby nga ang most popular sport. Super popular magsasawa ka kakarinig. Haha..

      Basketball pa rin talaga sa Philippines noh? Tanong lagi ng hubby ko “Are they any good?” Sabay tatawa. Joke lang daw. Pero sabi ko nananalo na rin tayo sa mga international basketball competitions recently.

  4. ibang klase parang wikipedia hehe ang ganda ng photo mo nung dahon na may yelo. alam mo namatay ako sa inggit sa gitna pa lang ng post, gusto ko na din makalabas ng bansa at makakita ng ibang lugar!

    1. Hehe.. Salamat po. Hay naku wag ka masyado mainggit. Mas naiinggit ako sa iyo kasi nakapunta ka na sa Cebu. Huhu.. Ako hindi pa. Hintay mo next post ko, malalaman mo bakit di ka kailangan mainggit. ^_^

  5. Milai!!!!!! Sa wakas, you’re back. Salamat sa pm sa fb hehehe, at sa pag-update mo sa akin tungkol sa buhay mo.

    Ingat ka dyan, iha. Si Bossing na ba yang naka-blue at nagpapakain ng mga birds? Laki na niya!

    1. Opo Miss N sya na nga si bossing. Ang bilis lumaki noh? Salamat din po sa pagbisita ulit sa munting bahay ko. Dalaw ako sa bahay mo bukas po. Cellphone lang gamit ko po ngayon. Miss you Miss N! ^_^

  6. ayoko naman ipaalala sayo ang nakaraan pero sabi nga nila di tayo magiging ganito ngayon kung di tayo natuto sa nakalipas di ba? natutuwa ako sayo tita emie kasi alam ko masaya ka na ulit after ng unos noon na pinagdaanan mo, actually di naman sya unos talaga kasi nagkaroon ng maganda bunga sa katauhan ni bossing. tama sila ang layo na ng narating mo tita, andyan ka na pero kami andito pa rin sa nuknukan ng hirap na bansa na puro kurakot ang namumuno di tulad dyan na kita mo talaga ang pinupuntahan ng iyong buwis di ba?

    ngayon lang ako ulit napadaan sa iyong tahanan at aaminin ko na nagulat ajko kasi andyan ka na pala sa NZ dati kasi nag aaral ka pa nung last na bisita ko dito sa blog mo. huli ata nung kay mamang drayber na akala mo ay sya na ang hinahanap mong ideal na drayber pero mali din pala, hahahahaha.

    good luck tita and god bless you. more power and enjoy your stay there. wag magbabago ha kasi kaakibat ng pag angat ang minsa’y paglimot sa nakaraan but i know naman na di ka ganun. so, ano pa ba? ingat na lang lagi.

    1. Naku maraming salamat po sa lahat ng iyong nasambit Kula Sisi. Uu nga eh. Grabeng unos nga ang mga pinagdaanan ko. Ngayon lang ako nakakabangon pero hindi naman talaga malayo ang narating ko. Wala nga akong choice eh. Napilitan lang akong pumunta rito. Promise. Hehe..

      Naalala mo pa pala si mamang drayber. Hahahaha.. Maraming salamat po sa pagdalaw mo ulit dito at sa mga magagandang payo. Tatandaan ko talaga yan. Keep our feet on the ground. Teka bakit po walang link yung comment mo? Hmmm..

  7. Hahaha! This is fun. I remember during my first few months in Melbourne, I was volunteering at a primary school, helping out in PE. When some of the teachers would ask me what I do as I volunteer, and I say, I help out in PE classes. They couldn’t understand me, until a PE teacher would tell them that I help out in “pey-ey” classes. Ayan, ayaw ng pee-ee, gusto pey-ey.

  8. Hahhahaha.. Pey-ey hahahahhaa..

    Naku nahahawa na nga rin ang anak ko sa accent nila eh. Isang beses umuwi siya sabi pinahiram daw sya ng book bag. “Spiiiaahhh” lang daw yun (spare). Ang kulit ng accent nila noh? Haha..

    Maganda raw diyan sa Melbourne sis ah.. Kakagaling lang ng isang friend namin. Kelan kaya ako makapunta diyan. Hehe..

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