9 thoughts on “Facebook’s Login Approvals”

  1. Eto na nga po Miss AC. Hahaha.. Sige maglilibot at maga-update ulit ako this week habang hindi ulit busy. Salamat sa walang sawang pagbisita rito. Kumusta naman ang mga Chekwa? ^_^

  2. Makes sense. Thanks for that advice. I was just in that page of Facebook last night, while trying to figure out how to keep one person a friend but block him from seeing my photos. Heheheh. (Long story yan). And I got confused why ang daming “unrecognized device”, eh ang alam ko, in the past few days/weeks, I logged in only from three places. Siguro yung sa phone ko ano? Bawat gamit ko ng FB dun, it treats it as another unrecognized device?

    1. Korek sis. Bawat login sa kahit anong bagong device unrecognized na yung tawag doon. Hehe..

      Aba, blocking someone from seeing photos.. Sounds familiar to me. Haha.. However long that story is, chika ka lang hahaha..

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