Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Alright That Jessica Sanchez Didn’t Win American Idol

I don’t understand why I can’t get over this Jessica Sanchez craze. It’s so rare of me to idolize a star or television personality but here I am, writing a blog for her, and I still need to convince myself that’s it’s alright.

Anyway, we were all heartbroken when Jessica Sanchez didn’t win. We heard a lot of the WGWG trend and reasons but I have a different view on it.

So why is it alright that Jessica Sanchez didn’t win American Idol? I’ll do a countdown shall I?

5. The world loves her.

Only the majority of US don’t. It’s surprising how she has a lot of fans not only in the Philippines, Mexico, or anywhere else around the world where there are Filipinos, but also in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Pacific islands, and here in New Zealand too. My friends at church kept talking to me about her and how good she is. It’s really funny how they are amazed with her singing skills and they all believe she’s going to be great.

4. She’s very talented. She will succeed whatever happens.

This is already a fact. I don’t understand how she is always compared to PP and that she doesn’t have originality and can not write her own songs. She is 16, just to remind everyone. Even Taylor Swift started writing songs at age 14 (according to wikipedia) because she had lessons, so she’s only 2 years behind. Give her a chance. If a talented girl like her would eventually develop into a song-writer, then some of the famous artists that we have now better prepare. She’s going to be big.

3. She’s better off without American Idol.

If she had won AI, she would have been bound with a contract. Oh no! Not AI please. We already heard from Jessica Sanchez herself that most of the time she didn’t like the songs that she sang. She only had to do it because they were given too little choices. Even PP admits that, according to his interviews somewhere around the internet. (Don’t worry I’ll put the links once I see them again). I’m so glad that she didn’t win because she will have more options and opportunities with other music companies and labels. I’ve read about the Tommy Mottola thingie but until Jessica Sanchez herself confirms it, it’s going to remain a rumor.

2. The $30,000 runner up prize wasn’t good enough.

I read from an article flying around the internet that the prize for the runner up was cut down to 30K USD only after getting the new low on AI finale shows. I believe that Jessica Sanchez shouldn’t be punished for this. If the judges were not too obvious that they wanted Joshua Ledet to win, people could have saved him instead and he would have gone to the finals, which I believe what US wanted to see at the finale. However, these judges were at fault for giving him a standing ovation everytime he shrieked during his performances. The audience got fed up with that and eventually got tired of voting for him. 30K for being top 2 is very unacceptable but I know that in time Jessica Sanchez will reap all the fruits of her labor.

1. Our votes around the world, didn’t count. LOL No need to complain.

The whole time I actually believed that our votes were counted. Maybe they were? Maybe they weren’t. All I can remember is that after Jessica Sanchez got saved, I exerted everything I can to campaign for her. She doesn’t even know me personally and my friends everywhere were a little bit surprised that I kept posting on how to vote for her on American Idol. In the end, they might have had to strip down all the votes outside USA, and that’s exactly why she didn’t win. Or maybe, the whole time, they were removing all votes outside of USA anyway and all our hard work were in vain. And no, I personally don’t call it cheating. I call it “abusing a bug.” ^__^

So there you have it. We congratulate Phillip Phillips for winning and like what Jessica Sanchez said on one of her interviews, we hope that all of you would have a great music career in the future.


A little rant.

It’s so annoying how I still can’t buy Jessica Sanchez’ songs on iTunes. American Idol is still not making it available to the world and I hate it when I read comments that Jessica’s fans would just keep talking but not buying. If they would open it to the public, we’ll see how it sells out.

There is someone on Youtube who told me that it can be done but it involves buying an iTunes gift card and registering without a credit card. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m just annoyed how American Idol is controlling these things even after the end of the season. Good luck to you AI. More and more people hate you now.


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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Alright That Jessica Sanchez Didn’t Win American Idol”

  1. Wow, you’re alive! Hehehe. Anyway, Its all good even if she didn’t win.. She will still be offered better opportunities by other labels. And she has huge fan base na din naman.

    PS: I like their rendition of I Knew You Were Waiting. 🙂

    1. Uu nga sis! I’m alive! Haha.. Gusto ko rin yung I Knew You Were Waiting na yun pero di ko alam favorite ko talaga yung “Everybody Has A Dream” niya at kung anik-anik pa.

      Nako excited na akong bumili ng album niya. 😀

  2. I kept on saying, ok lang di manalo si Jessica. Di ba hindi rin naging champion si Sheryn Regis and Susan Boyle, even though everyone thought they were going to win. Tsaka, kahit di nanalo si jessica, it’s definitely not the end of the world and she didn’t really lose that much, kasi she’s got millions, possibly billions of fans na, tapos, she has proven her talent and impressed a lot of big people in the music industry. Magiging successful pa rin siya in her singing career, and possibly, more successful than PP in the future, so I’m not sad at all that she didn’t win. $30K? Ok lang yun, pang buena mano lang yun… millions will be pouring in in the next few years. 😀

    1. Korek sis. Sa totoo lang hindi ako naiyak nung hindi siya nanalo. Haha.. Parang wala lang kasi okay lang talaga. Nasa work ako nung nag-aabang ng results.

      Sana nga totoo yang sinabi mo na she will be successful. I really hope that more people sees that in her and would support her in the future. Naisip ko lang, kung yun ngang mga successful artists na eh ang dami pa ring opposition, pano pa kaya yung mga baguhan lang di ba? Kaya kailangan talaga magpakatatag siya para maging successful siya in the future.

  3. It disappointed me deeply that Jessica didn’t win, but in hindsight, maybe it was good that she didn’t. I would hate that she be in the mercy of AI management for much too long. Hopefully, after the AI Season 11 tour, Jessica will spread her wings, free herself from the clutches of AI and (continue to) conquer the world.

    1. She will, that’s for sure Stanley, and we will make her. If fans like us would continually support her and really buy her music then there’s no reason for her to not get to the top. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  4. I have been trying to buy Jessica’s album and songs here in the US for weeks and still can’t. Clicking on her album takes me to a review screen, reading comments reveals more Jessica fans can’t buy her album or songs, “the item you tried to buy is no longer available”. What’s up iTunes?. What’s going on over there?!.

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