How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way

Tired of hearing and reading negative feedback about Jetstar and don’t want to experience the same thing? Here are some of the most useful tips I formulated on how you can change a Jetstar booking, hassle-free.

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How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Dates, the Hassle-Free Way

  1. Do not call Jetstar’s customer service, ever! (unless you’re open to a day’s ruin and negativity)
  2. Do not send any inquiry through their website as well, ever! (unless it’s all right for you to wait up to 26 business days for their reply even if they promised to reply within 15 business days)
  3. Go to
  4. Search for the highest possible cost for the flight that you want to change it to. Write down the date only on a notepad. Do not proceed with any booking. Do not select cheaper flights than the original, you will end up having to pay more, tried and tested.
  5. Go back to or open the same website on another tab or browser.
  6. Do not log in, if you did, you took the wrong move. You won’t see a “Change flights” link under manage your booking. Do not ask me why. Their website stinks. Sign out and go back to
  7. Look for Manage Booking on the right hand side, hover and enter your email address and flight reference. Click Find Booking.
  8. Now you should see the “Change flights” link. Celebrate and click it.
  9. Enter the date that you took note earlier for the change and continue.
  10. Check how much you need to pay extra. If it’s higher than you expected (most specially if you originally paid extra for “no fees for change”), click Cancel All Changes and try another date.
  11. Repeat the same steps until you have accepted that whatever you do, you have to pay extra. If you need it, see additional lists on how to accept that Jetstar has tricked you and manage your anger.
  12. Check How To Assign Seats steps before you proceed with the next step if you notice that the total increases every time you try to assign the seats, even if the seat selection page says $0.00 for standard seat selection. I know, their website stinks.
  13. Once you have genuinely accepted that you have to pay extra and once you have selected the lowest possible extra fee you need and agreed to pay, continue with payment to confirm your changes.
  14. Throw a party because you have just saved yourself a ton of stress changing your booking!

How to Assign Seats Before Changes

  1. Check your original flight’s seating assignment. Make sure that they are your preferred seats once you change your booking.
  2. If you are being charged extra when trying to assign seats on your new flight, that means that these seats are already taken. Cancel all changes.
  3. Go back to your original flight and change the seating assignment to whichever place you think will be available on your new flight.
  4. Make sure that you are not charged extra for changing the seating assignment on your original flight. If you are, tough.
  5. Continue with the flight change. If you are not charged extra, that means the seats are available. Continue with Step number 13 on the article above.

How to Manage your Jetstar Anger

  1. Breathe deeply and do 5 jumping jacks or play paper scissors rock with your seat mate.
  2. Repeat the phrases “This is the last time I’ll fly Jetstar” ten times with a happy face. If you are laughing, the better.
  3. Say a little prayer for the executives and management of Jetstar that they would come into a realization that their services stinks and make changes.
  4. Say another prayer for the customer service representatives that they would find a better company to work with.
  5. Keep repeating these steps until you have genuinely accepted that you have to pay extra. Continue with Step number 12 on the article above.

Definition of Terms Stinks

  • to have a very bad reputation
  • to be of poor quality
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22 thoughts on “How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way”

  1. Yeah, almost all airlines are like that. Jetstar is even 10x better than Pinoy airlines. Swear. Hahah. Especially that low cost yellow airline. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

    1. Hi Jonny! Glad you found this post helpful. Unfortunately, the flight destination change can’t be done online. You really have to call them and pay more.

      1. Hello po tanung ko lng po Pano po ba Mgpa cancel ng flight
        Un flight ko po kc Singapore to doha. June 4, 10:30 am via jet airways. Pwd po b map a litany ng araw Ung Pag travel ko Papunta ng doha.pls reply po.kc un bnilhan ko po ng ticket sbi nla hndi ng refund pno po kya ga gawin ko.

        1. Hi Yhel! Medyo naguluhan ako sa comment mo. Pero parang gusto mo yatang palitan yung dates ng flight mo? Tama ba? Kung gusto mong palitan yung booking dates, sundin mo lang yung instructions ko sa taas. =)

  2. hello po.. need help po.. magchange date po aq ng flight nmin, sinundan ko po ung instruction above pero hndi ko po mkuha ung “change flights’, many times po aq nagtry, wala po tlga.. paano po un? pls help po need ko po kasi machange ung flight date nmin.. thank u so much po..

  3. i have followed the steps and i still cannot see change flight. Has this changed since your post or am i doing something wrong.
    Could it also be because they changed the flight times and i am yet to accept? Appreciate ANY help as i desperately need to change dates

  4. Pwede ko ba i transfer yung return ticket ko by changing passenger’s name sa jetstar. Meron po ba dito naka experience ng ganito, Bale yung Bundle Plus nila allows you to change flight date, destination and name without a fee but fare difference, ang di ako sure is it allows you to change name for return flight only or it applies for inbound and outbound. Please help, appreciate it so much.

    1. Alam ko walang charge ang pag-change ng name ng passengers basta same yung date ng flights. Kaso kung hindi possible i-change yung name through their website, you might have to call them.

  5. Not seeing this link to change flights? Followed instructions up to manage booking and entering information. It just takes me to a page showing my flight information? I have already checked in does this mean I can not change?

  6. Hello po. Ask ko lang po if papano po palitan yung name ng passenger. Na mispelled po kase namin sa booking ng ticket. Malaki po bang issue yun sa airline. Ang nalagay po namin is “Arbie” instead of “Arby” thanks

    1. Ang alam ko pag international flight iche-check siya although discretion ng airline kung tatanggapin o hindi. Kung merong way to change it online, try that first. Kung wala, you might have to call them.

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