How My Facebook Evolved To Be A Fake Happy Place

The Philippines is the social media capital of the world as claimed by this blog article. Although I do not currently live there, it is safe to say that my Filipino heritage has greatly affected the way I am using social network right now. Filipinos love to socialize and keep in touch with old friends and families. The fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way for us to do this is through the social media.

If a person I just met and added on Facebook would be looking at my profile, they might think that I have a really happy life. He or she would see pictures of our recent travels, gatherings and activities or posts about my families, loved ones, and friends. Most of my posts are good, funny, positive, uplifting, and the likes.

Welcome to my fake Facebook profile. Yes, it has my real first and last name and yes, it contains all of my real life friends. Yet, I still call it fake because my profile does not define who I really am or how my life really is.

Do you remember this video?

It’s somehow true isn’t it?

I might not be the person who would fake a 20K run or post dishonest or sugar-coated events in my life but I am one of those who would unfollow a person who would continue to rant or post that his or her life sucks. Since I am part of that group, I always make sure that I myself would never rant or post anything negative on Facebook. If I really have to, I make sure that I do it in the best possible way I could. I am quick to tell my parents or family to remove their posts that doesn’t comply with my Facebook standards.

With that being said, I noticed that my friends respond in the same way too. I get tons of likes for happy posts of our activities but I don’t get too many likes or responses when I am asking for help or voicing my opinion on a certain topic. So much for my so-called “friends” right? Whenever I resolve issues by myself or with the help of a friend or two, I would then hide this unpopular post and make it appear to Only Me. This is why anyone who would view my profile would only see my fake happy place.

I used to have another Facebook account that I would give to my virtual friends. These friends came from online games that I used to play or websites that I used to participate in. These friends are the ones that I do not want to give my real name to, show the members of my family, or share activities that we do. However, this Facebook is where I would post anything that comes to my mind, whether they be positive or negative. This is the Facebook that I do not care how many likes I would get but I will get satisfaction for posting it or making it public. I am happy and I feel free whenever I use it. However, a loved one requested that I shut this Facebook down so I can get away from the old virtual world where I used to be. Since that person is very special to me, I have permanently shut down that Facebook account and is now solely living this other fake Facebook world.

I decided to use my personal Facebook experience instead of generalizing but in reality, I am certain it isn’t just me who does the same thing. You can look at your own Facebook profile now and see if you have created your own fake world too.

I call it fake not because it’s not who we are or it’s not really what’s happening to us but because we tend to filter what we put there. We are not perfect and our life is definitely not perfect. I believe that Facebook is creating this virtual perfect world that is way beyond what reality is. This fake world adds to a greater frustration in life and has been proven by research to cause depression.

Since this year has just started, I decided that my new year resolution would be to avoid Facebook. I will just go there if there is an urgent need to do so. I’m thinking some of the reasons I might need to go there is to communicate with my family and coordinate activities with friends. I would read less of my news feed and immerse in my real life more. My goal for this year is to transform my home to what I’ve been wanting to achieve for a long time but couldn’t because of budget constraints. I feel like it’s going to be a great year.


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5 thoughts on “How My Facebook Evolved To Be A Fake Happy Place”

  1. i don’t have a facebook account, so i can’t relate. i can’t even look and see if it’s really made of plastic as filipinos define plastic. i give you the benefit of the doubt, though. you’re just pulling my leg. 🙂

    at the same time, it’s true that we keep a front. we need it to survive in this world. and i think it’s ok as long as we hold on to our inner truth.

    1. You’re so lucky to not have a facebook account Mr. Plaridel. 🙂 Don’t you ever sign up! Haha..

      I believe in keeping a front too and I love anonymity. I just don’t like it when our real life gets affected by the things we see on social media. I don’t want that to happen to me so I’m slowly creeping out of it. 😀

  2. Hmn, dina-digest ko pa ang Ingles hahaha. Kala ko naligaw ako ng blog eh. Ang seryoso kasi ng sulat haha. Will be back para mag-comment, hopefully not after 48 years hahahaha!

    1. Hahaha.. Salamat naman at naligaw ka rito Miss N! Oo nga sana hindi after 48 years yung reaction mo. Haha.. Hamishu! Di bale next time Tagalog post naman. Nakaka-miss na rin. 😀

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