Jinx Day

This is the first time I will do this.

I will give you a real time update of all the jinx that will happen today.

I just dubbed this day a Jinx day because of everything that has already happened in the last hour.

8:20AM – My son and I tried to order at YQ for his school lunch. It is closed. Figured I’ll just try again later.

9AM – A colleague requested for me to remove the Mother’s day banner and changed it to our winter banner. I did and as I checked a website, it gave me an invalid parent_category_id error on the welcome screen. That is super strange. So I tried all other websites and they worked. I showed my other colleague the error I get and we don’t know where it came from. We refreshed the page. Lo and behold, it worked.

9:30AM – I imported a PP file and it gave me a super weird error multiplying a column by -1. When I showed it to my boss, he confirmed that I selected the right import routine and the file looks okay. When we tried the same thing again, it worked. WOW.

9:40AM – I called YQ to report that I can’t place the order for school lunch. He figured what it was, did something and it now works. I asked if they’ve lost business because of that, he said he’s not sure.

9:45AM – I imported a Plumbers file and it didn’t give me any points to load. Feeling that it was a jinx day, I tried again to see if it will work. It didn’t. I removed the second sheet that contains the summary, it worked. What is going on? Hahaha..

So it’s 9:55AM now and I will continue to document every other jinx that will happen. Watch out for updates. 😀


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Just doing what I got to do.

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