Invention Ideas

My son and I were discussing about inventions and ideas yesterday. He was so keen in creating something. I showed him video clips about inventions and how they are developed and he was very interested.

Today during a discussion with my colleagues these invention ideas kept storming on my mind so now I have to somehow create a list and research about it next time.

  • Common Cold virus alert system – I just got back to work from being sick because of common cold. I would be very happy if there’s like an alarm clock that would ring when it has detected the presence of a cold virus within it’s perimeter. How cool is that? That way when you know there’s a virus somewhere, you will try your hardest to stay clean, look for it and control it. Bye bye colds!
  • Vacuum spray – You know how someone already invented a liquid spray that blows off the dust from gadgets and computers? What if instead of blowing air out, that spray when pressed would suck all dust in? Just so when you’re cleaning your computer, the dust doesn’t have to go out places but just be contained in a can or something else? I know about hand vacuum cleaners but they’re usually ineffective and needs electricity. I want just like a spray bottle that sucks things really swiftly when the button is pushed.

I’ll get back to this list next time. Need to work.


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