About the Author

Si Bossing at ang kanyang Yaya

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She is a single mother (must read) to a 2 year old son whom she calls “bossing.” She used to work in a contact center but has recently resigned to pursue her studies.

Life has been challenging for her, not the ordinary life that other women her age go through but she never gives up. She has many stories to tell and found blogging as her best means of sharing all the good things in life that she has realized.


Quick Update: July 13, 2011

Finished studies. Worked as a developer in a bank for a year. Resigned and moved to New Zealand.
Keep posted for new updates. ^_^


Quick Update: February 20, 2013

Been working as a programmer analyst for a rewards company in Auckland, New Zealand for over a year now. Little boy is six years old.


11 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. I have a year old daughter… everytime i see a kid now, i remember her… iba na talaga perspective sa buhay pag me anak na.

    few years back i cant even imagine myself as a dad.

    but im loving each moment with her. saya.

    1. Tama ka jan. Nag-iiba talaga ang perspective ng kahit sino kapag nagkakaroon ng anak. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy being a dad now. I can perfectly understand how you feel about your child.

      Thanks for dropping by! Meron ka bang blog or link that I can visit too?

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