Alex Chronicles

This is a collection of my status messages on Facebook about my “amo” Alex.


January 13, 2010
When I woke up today, I saw my baby looking for his belt because his pants kept on going down. He said he’s dressing up because he’s going to Market2 (his usual alibi to escape). While he was awkwardly putting his socks on and I was watching him, he said to me “Don’t go out, tei? Will eat yo hands n feet.” I answered, “Okay.” Today, I’m grounded.

March 03, 2010
I caught my baby staring at his own image in the mirror. When he saw me looking at him he said “Ma ang pogi ko noh?”

April 08, 2010
“Mom I’m scared.” It’s amazing how my baby confesses his fear about anything. It makes me reflect and wonder when was the last time I admitted my own fears to anyone.

April 28, 2010
(Watching a baby television program)
Me: Alex what’s that
Alex: ca-mi-net
Me: No. It’s caaa-BBiii-net
Alex: Very good
I caught my baby sneaking out..
“Oi oi oi oi.. Where are you going?”
He immediately climbed up the stairs and looked into my eyes. Holding my face he asked, “Mommy are you tired?” I thought I already knew what he wanted to do, I said “Yes.”
Then he answered back, “Mom, go to sleep now. You’re tired,” forcing me to go to bed. Grabeh marunong na siya kagad pumaraan para makatakas.

June 14, 2010
My baby looking at a model’s picture.
Alex: Mom is this you?
Me: Do I look like her?
Alex: Yes.
Me: Am I pretty?
Alex: Yes.
Sarap talaga ng may nauuto. Wahaha..

August 03, 2010
Alex singing: “I am a child of God… And sOOoooo… My knees are break..” (And so my needs are great)

August 17, 2010
Alex and I had one of the most dramatic debate last night. He couldn’t accept the fact and was crying to learn that when he grows up, he would also have pubic hair. How did we get to that topic?
Me: Alex are you a girl?
Alex: No, I’m a boy.
Me: How can you tell?

September 22, 2010
<Dinner time>
My Mom (Alex’s Lola): Alex oh, eat na. This is eggplant.
Alex: I dont’ like eggplant.
Me: Aah Alex! You should eat eggplant! It’s yummy.
Alex: Ma, spell eggplant?
Glenn: Patay ka.

December 16, 2010
Alex playing on the computer
Me: Alex, no more na. You got disconnected.
Alex: Just wait mom. It’s downloading.
Isip ko “Syalan! Gumaganun ka na anak?”

December 27, 2010
Last night, I tried to personalize and be specific with my prayer and I made sure that everything is about Alex and what he did. I felt good about my prayer as I see Alex kneeling down, listening to it. After the prayer I asked him “Did you like it (my prayer)?” He answered and said “Ang haba naman.”

March 14, 2011
*While walking along Buendia*
Alex: Mom do you have a comb?
Me: Yeah. I brought it with me.
Alex: Mom what’s BROT?
Me: BROUGHT is the past tense of BRING. You use BROUGHT when it’s done and BRING if it’s not done yet.
Alex: Fine. Whatever.
Me: Whaaaaaaaat?

April 16, 2011

Alex: Mom I want that chicken with a finish line!
Me: What finish line???


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