Wow Pinas

What Makes Me A Proud Filipino  

     In this article I talked about a few comparisons of the Philippines and New Zealand and what makes me proud of my roots and nationality.


    This post is mainly focusing on my personal issues that time but I have highlighted a little information and sample picture about the Subic Tree Top Adventure.

Zoobic Safari, Tag

     The Zoobic Safari is so far one of the best zoo’s that I have seen. In this article, I have shown a lot of pictures of what we have seen in Zoobic Safari.

Tag, Bosay, Nodame   

     Our company team had an outing at Bosay, a wonderful resort located in Antipolo City. In this article I shared our experiences and a couple of pictures that I have taken on that location.

Who says Luneta Park is dead? 

     Luneta Park is one of the oldest parks established in the Philippines. It has somehow lost its reputation during the 90’s when a lot of prostitution (I know, citation needed. LOL. Just google it if you have time haha) and corruption happened in the place and its governing body. However, when I last visited it, I saw it differently and so this post highlights what the park is now.

What To Do on a Vacation?

I had a very long vacation from work but I had a hard time thinking of places to go so as not to waste it. Luckily, I was able to optimize where to go with little budget. In this article I highlighted the Makati Park and Garden and a few pictures of the Market! Market! shopping mall and the University of the Philippines sunken garden.


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