Invention Ideas 2

I am eating sliced apple with salt right now and it’s super yummy. The problem that I’ve always had is because I wait for the apples to be nicely ripe (I keep them in the fridge for a week before consumption), the older the apple is, the quicker it goes brown when sliced.

I’ve already studied about different ways to keep apples from turning brown and they are fantastic! The best one is putting the sliced apples on sliced kiwis. So good! White sliced apples all day long.

However, I have this really cool invention idea that I have in my head and I will keep it there for a loooong time as I am sure huge money can be made out of it. I’ll see if my son can do it as a science project or something. Hahaha.. I just need to put this on a blog so I won’t forget about it. Hihi..

How My Facebook Evolved To Be A Fake Happy Place

The Philippines is the social media capital of the world as claimed by this blog article. Although I do not currently live there, it is safe to say that my Filipino heritage has greatly affected the way I am using social network right now. Filipinos love to socialize and keep in touch with old friends and families. The fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way for us to do this is through the social media.

If a person I just met and added on Facebook would be looking at my profile, they might think that I have a really happy life. He or she would see pictures of our recent travels, gatherings and activities or posts about my families, loved ones, and friends. Most of my posts are good, funny, positive, uplifting, and the likes.

Welcome to my fake Facebook profile. Yes, it has my real first and last name and yes, it contains all of my real life friends. Yet, I still call it fake because my profile does not define who I really am or how my life really is.

Do you remember this video?

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Mga Alaala Ng Atimonan, Quezon

Alas siete na ng umaga. Ito ang normal na oras ng pag-gising naming magpipinsan. Pagkabangon ay kailangan naming tikluping mabuti ang aming pinaghigaan dahil kung hindi, malalagot kami kay Lolo. Pagkatapos magligpit, lahat kami ay dudulog sa hapag-kainan para mag-agahan. Hindi pwedeng may mahuli. Kailangan sabay-sabay. Mahapdi ang malapad na tsinelas ni Lolo kapag napalo ka nito sa puwet dahil ayaw mong sumabay sa pagkain.

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Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Alright That Jessica Sanchez Didn’t Win American Idol

I don’t understand why I can’t get over this Jessica Sanchez craze. It’s so rare of me to idolize a star or television personality but here I am, writing a blog for her, and I still need to convince myself that’s it’s alright.

Anyway, we were all heartbroken when Jessica Sanchez didn’t win. We heard a lot of the WGWG trend and reasons but I have a different view on it.

So why is it alright that Jessica Sanchez didn’t win American Idol? I’ll do a countdown shall I?

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