How My Facebook Evolved To Be A Fake Happy Place

The Philippines is the social media capital of the world as claimed by this blog article. Although I do not currently live there, it is safe to say that my Filipino heritage has greatly affected the way I am using social network right now. Filipinos love to socialize and keep in touch with old friends and families. The fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way for us to do this is through the social media.

If a person I just met and added on Facebook would be looking at my profile, they might think that I have a really happy life. He or she would see pictures of our recent travels, gatherings and activities or posts about my families, loved ones, and friends. Most of my posts are good, funny, positive, uplifting, and the likes.

Welcome to my fake Facebook profile. Yes, it has my real first and last name and yes, it contains all of my real life friends. Yet, I still call it fake because my profile does not define who I really am or how my life really is.

Do you remember this video?

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How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way

Tired of hearing and reading negative feedback about Jetstar and don’t want to experience the same thing? Here are some of the most useful tips I formulated on how you can change a Jetstar booking, hassle-free.

Jetstar Logo

How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Dates, the Hassle-Free Way

  1. Do not call Jetstar’s customer service, ever! (unless you’re open to a day’s ruin and negativity)
  2. Do not send any inquiry through their website as well, ever! (unless it’s all right for you to wait up to 26 business days for their reply even if they promised to reply within 15 business days)
  3. Go to
  4. Search for the highest possible cost for the flight that you want to change it to. Write down the date only on a notepad. Do not proceed with any booking. Do not select cheaper flights than the original, you will end up having to pay more, tried and tested.
  5. Go back to or open the same website on another tab or browser.
  6. Do not log in, if you did, you took the wrong move. You won’t see a “Change flights” link under manage your booking. Do not ask me why. Their website stinks. Sign out and go back to
  7. Look for Manage Booking on the right hand side, hover and enter your email address and flight reference. Click Find Booking. Continue reading How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way

Philippine Olympic Team London 2012

I remember it was 2004 when I first got addicted to watching Summer Olympics. It’s that time of the season again. I was so happy watching our fellow Filipinos wave as they parade at the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony. Even my bossing was so happy he couldn’t help but cheer.

When I posted a video on Facebook, a classmate of mine reacted how poorly our athletes were supported this Olympic season.

frankly i feel sorry for the philippine athletes. imagine, 11 lang ata ang delegates ng philippines. haller!? 11 lang? sana naman ung government natin mag allot din ng tamang budget para sa sports di ba. lagi na lang kawawa ang mga pinoy. 😦

I tried to stay positive with my response.

Oo nga eh. Pero alam mo palagay ko hindi rin basta budget eh. Merong olympic qualifier kasi. Baka hindi tayo nakakapasok sa iba. Ewan ko lang. Oo nga eh. Ngayong may internet na sana mapromote na lalo yung sports at masuportahan yung athletes natin. Dadami na rin yan kung mag-umpisa tayong sumuporta. ^_^

However, I needed to know for myself so I investigated and found out a lot of things. Here’s the summary I created for my research.

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Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Alright That Jessica Sanchez Didn’t Win American Idol

I don’t understand why I can’t get over this Jessica Sanchez craze. It’s so rare of me to idolize a star or television personality but here I am, writing a blog for her, and I still need to convince myself that’s it’s alright.

Anyway, we were all heartbroken when Jessica Sanchez didn’t win. We heard a lot of the WGWG trend and reasons but I have a different view on it.

So why is it alright that Jessica Sanchez didn’t win American Idol? I’ll do a countdown shall I?

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What Makes Me A Proud Filipino

In my previous post I described a little bit of what the town and/or New Zealand is in general but now, I would like to share to you some very important and “maybe/not” biased insights of why I am proud to be a Filipino.


As I have mentioned on that post, almost all their food here that I have tasted so far are conventional or easily-cooked food. I might not be the best cook. My mom is an average cook but her brothers are the greatest cooks in their family. During my younger days my mom taught me how to crush and peel garlic as well as how to chop onions. It became handy when I started cooking for my family now. So far I have already cooked chicken curry out of demand for 6 consecutive weeks (once a week) and they still don’t get sick of it. They also loved chicken adobo, chicken afritada, giniling (minced beef, tomato sauce, diced potatoes and carrots), and a whole lot of fried rice in different varieties, beef, chicken, ham, eggs, vegetables, etc.

I am so amazed as to how much more I can cook that would be new for them because there is just so many Filipino dishes that we have in our country. Whenever I picture myself going to a “karinderiya” opening covers of cooked viands on pots one by one, I realize that our Filipino food is so rich that there’s nothing else like it. I always feel proud whenever my children now would request me to cook Filipino food for tea (they call dinner “tea”). Continue reading What Makes Me A Proud Filipino

How To Ride A Bus In New Zealand?

Don’t even try to question my authority because I don’t have any. LOL. I’m just trying to help. Continue reading if you are one or many or all of these things:

  1. You are new in New Zealand.
  2. You don’t own a car yet.
  3. You still need to learn how to drive.
  4. Your friends and family who drive and have cars are too busy to drive you around or you just don’t want to bother anybody.
  5. You need to go to a specific place or you just want to go out and explore.

If you are one or many or all of these things then you got no choice but to learn how to ride a bus.

Nervous? For sure, but don’t worry. The things that I’ll teach you might somehow help you gain confidence in riding your first NZ bus. (Hopefully)

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Dannevirke, New Zealand

Dannevirke (Daniverk) is the major town of the administrative district of Tararua, New Zealand. I have been settling here for five weeks now and I believe this is the best time to describe what I have observed about this town so far so in the future I would have a comparison of my own ideas.

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