Invention Ideas

My son and I were discussing about inventions and ideas yesterday. He was so keen in creating something. I showed him video clips about inventions and how they are developed and he was very interested.

Today during a discussion with my colleagues these invention ideas kept storming on my mind so now I have to somehow create a list and research about it next time.

  • Common Cold virus alert system – I just got back to work from being sick because of common cold. I would be very happy if there’s like an alarm clock that would ring when it has detected the presence of a cold virus within it’s perimeter. How cool is that? That way when you know there’s a virus somewhere, you will try your hardest to stay clean, look for it and control it. Bye bye colds!
  • Vacuum spray – You know how someone already invented a liquid spray that blows off the dust from gadgets and computers? What if instead of blowing air out, that spray when pressed would suck all dust in? Just so when you’re cleaning your computer, the dust doesn’t have to go out places but just be contained in a can or something else? I know about hand vacuum cleaners but they’re usually ineffective and needs electricity. I want just like a spray bottle that sucks things really swiftly when the button is pushed.

I’ll get back to this list next time. Need to work.

Jinx Day

This is the first time I will do this.

I will give you a real time update of all the jinx that will happen today.

I just dubbed this day a Jinx day because of everything that has already happened in the last hour.

8:20AM – My son and I tried to order at YQ for his school lunch. It is closed. Figured I’ll just try again later.

9AM – A colleague requested for me to remove the Mother’s day banner and changed it to our winter banner. I did and as I checked a website, it gave me an invalid parent_category_id error on the welcome screen. That is super strange. So I tried all other websites and they worked. I showed my other colleague the error I get and we don’t know where it came from. We refreshed the page. Lo and behold, it worked.

9:30AM – I imported a PP file and it gave me a super weird error multiplying a column by -1. When I showed it to my boss, he confirmed that I selected the right import routine and the file looks okay. When we tried the same thing again, it worked. WOW.

9:40AM – I called YQ to report that I can’t place the order for school lunch. He figured what it was, did something and it now works. I asked if they’ve lost business because of that, he said he’s not sure.

9:45AM – I imported a Plumbers file and it didn’t¬†give me any points to load. Feeling that it was a jinx day, I tried again to see if it will work. It didn’t. I removed the second sheet that contains the summary, it worked. What is going on? Hahaha..

So it’s 9:55AM now and I will continue to document every other jinx that will happen. Watch out for updates. ūüėÄ

How My Facebook Evolved To Be A Fake Happy Place

The Philippines is the social media capital of the world as claimed by this blog article. Although I do not currently live there, it is safe to say that my Filipino heritage has greatly affected the way I am using social network right now. Filipinos love to socialize and keep in touch with old friends and families. The fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way for us to do this is through the social media.

If a person I just met and added on Facebook would be looking at my profile, they might think that I have a really happy life. He or she would see pictures of our recent travels, gatherings and activities or posts about my families, loved ones, and friends. Most of my posts are good, funny, positive, uplifting, and the likes.

Welcome to my fake Facebook profile. Yes, it has my real first and last name and yes, it contains all of my real life friends. Yet, I still call it fake because my profile does not define who I really am or how my life really is.

Do you remember this video?

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Suggestions to Philippines’ Long MRT Queue


  • Create an online system that would allow passengers to top up their MRT card through the internet or through participating retail stores.

Before you dismiss or complain, please continue reading the article.

I was in the middle of tweeting Miss Abi Valte who recently did the MRT Rush Hour Challenge. As usual, the Filipino people are not impressed. I can’t blame them.

However, I was trying to suggest her a few things but I realized it won’t all fit in a tweet. Thus, this blog post.

I am in New Zealand now. I know what you’re thinking. I might not be the best person to give advice on the subject because we are living a somewhat convenient life here. At the same time, I think we are somehow a good source of opinion since we have an established set of comparisons. Just think of Jose Rizal and our noble heroes who were abroad while they were attacking (or suggesting to) the Spanish government in the Philippines through literature.

Everyone is complaining about the queues and everyone is blaming the government. Has anybody actually suggested a solution? I’m sure there is at least someone who has already thought of this but all suggestions are ignored. I just want to emphasize it again.

How do we solve the long queues?

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How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way

Tired of hearing and reading negative feedback about Jetstar and don’t want to experience the same thing? Here are some of the most useful tips I formulated on how you can change a Jetstar booking, hassle-free.

Jetstar Logo

How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Dates, the Hassle-Free Way

  1. Do not call Jetstar’s customer service, ever! (unless you’re open to a day’s ruin and negativity)
  2. Do not send any inquiry through their website as well, ever! (unless it’s all right for you to wait up to 26 business days for their reply even if they promised to reply within 15 business days)
  3. Go to
  4. Search for the highest possible cost for the flight that you want to change it to. Write down the date only on a notepad. Do not proceed with any booking. Do not select cheaper flights than the original, you will end up having to pay more, tried and tested.
  5. Go back to or open the same website on another tab or browser.
  6. Do not log in, if you did, you took the wrong move. You won’t see a “Change flights” link under manage your booking. Do not ask me why. Their website stinks. Sign out and go back to
  7. Look for Manage Booking on the right hand side, hover and enter your email address and flight reference. Click Find Booking. Continue reading How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way