Invention Ideas 2

I am eating sliced apple with salt right now and it’s super yummy. The problem that I’ve always had is because I wait for the apples to be nicely ripe (I keep them in the fridge for a week before consumption), the older the apple is, the quicker it goes brown when sliced.

I’ve already studied about different ways to keep apples from turning brown and they are fantastic! The best one is putting the sliced apples on sliced kiwis. So good! White sliced apples all day long.

However, I have this really cool invention idea that I have in my head and I will keep it there for a loooong time as I am sure huge money can be made out of it. I’ll see if my son can do it as a science project or something. Hahaha.. I just need to put this on a blog so I won’t forget about it. Hihi..