The Friendly Care Clinic Experience

Eleksyon na naman. Sino kaya ang susunod na mga pinuno ng bansa? Ilan kaya ang totoong pinag-isipan ang kanilang boto? Anong magiging sitwasyon ng bansa sa susunod na anim na taon? Anu-anong mga plataporma naman kaya ang maisasakatuparan?

What: Friendly Care Clinic – a private medical clinic whose vision is to provide high quality health care and services.

Where: #710 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

When: April 26 and 28, 2010

Why: Pre-employment physical examination

Di naman masyado sikat ang clinic na ito sa mga mamamayang Pilipino (at hindi rin naman ako sikat na manunulat) pero sigurado ako sikat na sikat ang Friendly Care sa mga empleyado ng Sitel, Stream, Accenture, Teleperformance, at iba’t iba pang call center sa paligid ng Mandaluyong City.

Hindi na ako sa call center magta-trabaho pero kahit ano palang kumpanya na naka-partner dito ay makakaranas ng ganito sa pagkuha ng pre-employment exam.

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Until The Last Day

This is it. I’ll try to type in just five minutes. Ano kaya maa-accomplish ko? Hihi..

Last night was my last day at work. Sobrang sarap talaga ng pakiramdam. For the very last time I took in calls, sungit mode pa rin as usual pero resolved. Harhar.. I just so feel happy seeing the office for the last time. The next time na pupunta ako dun ay for clearance na lang and to get my last pay.

Medyo konti lang ang tao sa floor pero sakto lang dahil hindi ko rin masyado gusto maraming magkakagulo. Haha.. Feeling artista? Hindi naman. Natuwa lang ako dahil nakita ko pa rin kahit papaano yung ilan sa mga taong importante sa akin.

Nagdala ako ng dalawang bilao ng palabok na niluto ng tito ko. Sobrang sarap nya grabeh. Lahat ay nabusog kaso nalulungkot ako sa nagtitinda ng food dahil di sila kumita. Kawawa naman. Meron ding cake-cake-an na pinadala si Mama. Solb-solb. Pwede na.

WPTag 003Namigay din ako ng souvenir ball key chains. Hangkyut nila. Medyo marami pang natira kaya kailangan ipamigay ito pag balik ko sa trabaho.

Teka bakit ko ba ito sinasabi sa inyo? Kasi gusto ko sana magpaumanhin ng marami kung hindi ako makapag-blog hop pero panay ang reply ko sa comments. Pinagkakasya ko kasi ang oras ko talaga. Di bale. Ngayong resign na ako magkakaron na ako ng mas maraming oras.

Pero excuse nyo po muna ulit ako today dahil aalis ako ngayon in 20 minutes papuntang Subic. Hindi naman masyado bakasyon engrande pero para sa akin one way of celebration na rin ito.

Sa lahat po ng patuloy na bumibisita rito sa bahay ko kahit di ako makabisita pa sa kanila sobrang naa-appreciate ko po talaga kayo. Babawi ako sa inyo promise. I love you all. ^^

Call Center – The Joy of Working

Agent 007 Signing Off

Agent 001234 Now Signing Off

I have been working in a call center for a very long time now, 13 months with my first job and first company, now 28 months with my second company. Some, if not most, of you might actually think that it’s not the best job there is in the country but I can just say that I am truly happy that I have worked in this industry.

It was my final year in college then when my family had severe financial issues. My parents were not able to find stable, income generating jobs that time and I thought I was our family’s life saver, at the same time I just wanted to go out of the financial trouble altogether. I questioned myself “Why do you always claim that you have these talents and but you can’t even help produce income for the family?”

From then on while I was working with my college thesis I was so determined to get a job that would support my own education at least and help my family a little. I was already very well versed with the internet that time and loved everything about it. I searched for jobs online. Because I was still an undergrad I searched for secretarial and encoding jobs (I was an excellent speed typist) but after a while got to an advertisement that trains people for call center jobs. I heard that call centers that time pays really well (that was five years ago) so I thought I would try it.

When I got to the training facility I realized I already know everything that they were trying to teach (Harhar.. Yabang ko sorry). They eventually referred me to submit my application to Ambergris Solutions, Inc (then, now Telus International Philippines). I passed the initial group interview, passed the second one-on-one interview, and passed the final panel interview. I can’t believe I was actually accepted with my first ever application in my entire life! My parents didn’t know anything about at first. I told them about it when I was about to attend my very first day of training.

From then on everything went smoothly except that I had to AWOL from school because I can’t be absent with the first week of training, which also happened to be my finals week for that first semester. I had to choose then and I thought it was what’s important that time.

Turned out what I did was just right. I was able to help almost all of the family’s finances and we were able to survive those critical times.

When I met my boss‘ father, I quit my work, he helped my family, and after I gave birth to my boss I got employed at eTelecare Global Solutions, up to present.

Now that I am counting my days with this company, I am looking back at all those things that I learned and earned from working in this industry. Not only was my accent, grammar and sentence structure enhanced but my confidence on communicating with different types of people has greatly improved. It is where I learned how “putting yourself onto someone’s shoes” really mean, how to do it, and how it affects others and myself. It makes me sincerely happy whenever I am able to help other people just by communicating with them over the phone. The happiness doubles whenever you receive something like “Are you sure you’re not an American? You speak very good English” or “Can I speak to your supervisor? I really need to tell him that you were the best!” The happiness triples whenever you receive an excellent SURVEY. Hihi..

Definitely we would hear a lot of negative feedback from others about working in this industry. Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and infidelity are just some of the things I didn’t touch and was able to overcome. I am so happy that in the companies I worked at, the people are very respectful with the things I believe in, most specially my health and moral standards. I gained a lot of very trustworthy friends in this work that I know I would always cherish.

Through this industry, people in all walks of life become united. Graduates, undergraduates, underemployed, single, married, single parents, good looking and not-so-good looking people are all gathered and become one in purpose–to earn big bucks, I mean, to provide excellent service through technology such as the telephone or the internet.

Honestly though, I don’t have plans of going back to this type of job anymore in case I graduate. I’ll be pursuing my career with programming and the likes. Also there are other health benefits that you get when you don’t work night shift but I can still say that I am grateful that I belong to a country where a majority of international calls are being routed to. Growing call centers means more jobs for more people and a better way of living to a majority of the Filipinos. More jobs would inspire more people to get better education. I used to tell my younger brother whenever he gets too involved with online games “Puro ka laro. Tapusin mo naman kahit hanggang second year ng college. Baka naman kahit call center hindi ka makapasok nyan!” Hihi.. He’s has just finished his third year of Biology and plans to take up med.

Less than a month and counting. I have never been happier to go to work other than these days. I feel excited with helping the best way I can until my last day. I am grateful for all the blessings from above that I received with working in this industry and will certainly make use of it with the following years to come. This is Agent double “O” one-two-three-four, now signing off.