Old Rose

These were the roses given that night to Ice, one of my classmates, for their monthsary.Last Friday, I met up with some of my college classmates to celebrate Dante’s return, our blockmate who went to New Zealand to work abroad. I decided I would bring Alex with me since my classmates haven’t seen my baby yet. We arrived at 6 in the evening at Glorietta just in time to eat dinner and meet them.

The night was really fun. My classmates were very thrilled to see my boss. Surprisingly my two guy classmates, Dante and Ronx, were the ones who were so keen and excited to hold and take care of Alex. We talked about every topic we can think of, ate everything that sounds tasty from Chef D’Angelo’s menu and went home very late because my other two classmates came late due to heavy traffic.

It might have been the very cold temperature and mist that night that caused it because in the morning, Alex’s temperature started to rise a little bit. We started at 37.3 Celcius only and I thought he was going to be okay. Good thing drinking medicine is very easy for Alex to do. He likes to take orange-flavored Dolan (Ibuprofen) which is his accustomed med for fever.

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What To Do on a Vacation?

I have been blessed to get a 3-day leave after my days off so technically speaking, I will be on vacation for 5 days! Yiheeeee! Let’s celebrate! Let’s be happy! Let’s..


Let’s think of the things that I can do?

I really don’t know what I can do to make my 5-day vacation worthwhile and fun. This is a very rare opportunity for me to not work for five consecutive freaking days! Hahahaha..

Okay. So do you have any suggestions? What do you think I can do with these free days considering the following:

1. I want to see the beach or the sea. Just looking at it makes me happy. I love swimming but I don’t necessarily have to do it since it’s starting to be chilly again here in Manila.

2. I want to explore nature. I want to see lots of trees and plants and flowers and other creatures such as cows, carabaos, goats, horses, aliens, etc.

3. I want to go to different places everyday para sulit na sulit! Ahihihi..

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