Ano na teh?

Hala wala ba talaga akong blog post for 2016? Namamalik mata lang ba ako? Haha.. Grabe naman. Pasensiya at inamag na naman to. Eto at pinapagpagan ko na. Ang kapal ng alikabok grabe!

Ano na ba ang latest?

Ang latest ay si Duterte. Kapag tinatanong ako lagi kung anong balita, lagi ko sasabihin “Ayun.. Si Duterte.”

Bukod kay Duterte, okay naman po ang buhay-buhay. Happy na, happy pa rin, happy ulit. Stable na ang life. Stable talaga? Parang kulungan lang ng kabayo?

Malaki na ang bossing ko. Magsa-sampung taon na siya sa mga nalalapit na araw. Literal na boss ko na siya minsan. Most of the time siyempre ako pa rin ang boss pero malaking parte na siya ng pagde-desisyon namin sa bahay at sa buhay. Ganun pala talaga ang mga anak natin habang lalong lumalaki. Lalong tumatalino, lalong nakikialam. Pero masasabi ko na napakatalino at talentadon niyang bata. Hindi ko alam saan nanggaling ang talino at talento niya (ehem).

Good news!

Uuwi kami sa Pinas pagkatapos ng lima at kalahating taon! Woooohhhooooo! Sa wakas! Excited na ako makita ang mga pamilya, kamag-anak at kaibigan ko except sa mga magpapakita lang para sumahod. Hahaha..

Paunawa: Hindi po ako milyonaryo. Simple lang po kaming mamamayan. Maliit din po ang palitan ng NZD to PHP. Mahirap po kumita ng pera. Magbanat po kayo ng buto. Thank you po.

Dalawa at kalahating buwan na lang… Hello Pilipins!

Handa na kaming malanghap ang napakadumi mong hangin Metro Manila. Ready na kami makakita ng sangkatutak na mga basura sa mga kalsada, maglakad sa gilid ng kalye katabi ng mga sasakyan dahil bihira ang sidewalk at foothpath at magtatakbo kapag nakakita ng daga at ipis.

Sa kabilang banda, handa na kaming lumangoy sa masarap at katamtamang lamig ng tubig ng beaches, kumain ng napakasasarap at murang pagkain, at mayakap ang lahat ng mga mahal namin sa buhay. The last premise will make all our sacrifices worth it.

Kita-kits! Love you all! =)

Suggestions to Philippines’ Long MRT Queue


  • Create an online system that would allow passengers to top up their MRT card through the internet or through participating retail stores.

Before you dismiss or complain, please continue reading the article.

I was in the middle of tweeting Miss Abi Valte who recently did the MRT Rush Hour Challenge. As usual, the Filipino people are not impressed. I can’t blame them.

However, I was trying to suggest her a few things but I realized it won’t all fit in a tweet. Thus, this blog post.

I am in New Zealand now. I know what you’re thinking. I might not be the best person to give advice on the subject because we are living a somewhat convenient life here. At the same time, I think we are somehow a good source of opinion since we have an established set of comparisons. Just think of Jose Rizal and our noble heroes who were abroad while they were attacking (or suggesting to) the Spanish government in the Philippines through literature.

Everyone is complaining about the queues and everyone is blaming the government. Has anybody actually suggested a solution? I’m sure there is at least someone who has already thought of this but all suggestions are ignored. I just want to emphasize it again.

How do we solve the long queues?

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What Makes Me A Proud Filipino

In my previous post I described a little bit of what the town and/or New Zealand is in general but now, I would like to share to you some very important and “maybe/not” biased insights of why I am proud to be a Filipino.


As I have mentioned on that post, almost all their food here that I have tasted so far are conventional or easily-cooked food. I might not be the best cook. My mom is an average cook but her brothers are the greatest cooks in their family. During my younger days my mom taught me how to crush and peel garlic as well as how to chop onions. It became handy when I started cooking for my family now. So far I have already cooked chicken curry out of demand for 6 consecutive weeks (once a week) and they still don’t get sick of it. They also loved chicken adobo, chicken afritada, giniling (minced beef, tomato sauce, diced potatoes and carrots), and a whole lot of fried rice in different varieties, beef, chicken, ham, eggs, vegetables, etc.

I am so amazed as to how much more I can cook that would be new for them because there is just so many Filipino dishes that we have in our country. Whenever I picture myself going to a “karinderiya” opening covers of cooked viands on pots one by one, I realize that our Filipino food is so rich that there’s nothing else like it. I always feel proud whenever my children now would request me to cook Filipino food for tea (they call dinner “tea”). Continue reading What Makes Me A Proud Filipino

How To Ride A Bus In New Zealand?

Don’t even try to question my authority because I don’t have any. LOL. I’m just trying to help. Continue reading if you are one or many or all of these things:

  1. You are new in New Zealand.
  2. You don’t own a car yet.
  3. You still need to learn how to drive.
  4. Your friends and family who drive and have cars are too busy to drive you around or you just don’t want to bother anybody.
  5. You need to go to a specific place or you just want to go out and explore.

If you are one or many or all of these things then you got no choice but to learn how to ride a bus.

Nervous? For sure, but don’t worry. The things that I’ll teach you might somehow help you gain confidence in riding your first NZ bus. (Hopefully)

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Dannevirke, New Zealand

Dannevirke (Daniverk) is the major town of the administrative district of Tararua, New Zealand. I have been settling here for five weeks now and I believe this is the best time to describe what I have observed about this town so far so in the future I would have a comparison of my own ideas.

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Old Rose

These were the roses given that night to Ice, one of my classmates, for their monthsary.Last Friday, I met up with some of my college classmates to celebrate Dante’s return, our blockmate who went to New Zealand to work abroad. I decided I would bring Alex with me since my classmates haven’t seen my baby yet. We arrived at 6 in the evening at Glorietta just in time to eat dinner and meet them.

The night was really fun. My classmates were very thrilled to see my boss. Surprisingly my two guy classmates, Dante and Ronx, were the ones who were so keen and excited to hold and take care of Alex. We talked about every topic we can think of, ate everything that sounds tasty from Chef D’Angelo’s menu and went home very late because my other two classmates came late due to heavy traffic.

It might have been the very cold temperature and mist that night that caused it because in the morning, Alex’s temperature started to rise a little bit. We started at 37.3 Celcius only and I thought he was going to be okay. Good thing drinking medicine is very easy for Alex to do. He likes to take orange-flavored Dolan (Ibuprofen) which is his accustomed med for fever.

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